The Growing Popularity of Marijuana

cannabis - Clinton Fox - August 3, 2017


Many states have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. The popularity of marijuana can be noted in Tacoma, WA, where there are certified dispensaries that can officially sell marijuana. There are even educational tours in Tacoma on the plantation of marijuana. These are conducted so that the young people will have the idea of its health benefits as well as the negative effects of it if abused.

When you search Google for a “weed dispensaries near me“, you will find different weed shops in Tacoma with great choices of discreet and edible vaping pens. Surely you will enjoy their quality services and products. The fewer restrictions and regulations of the law regarding marijuana in places like this must always be coupled with self-discipline so that you will not regret in the end. If you are a pot smoker, then Tacoma is the right place for you. Enjoy the one of the best Marijuana tourism in the world. The tours that are marijuana-themed continue making the people more knowledgeable about cannabis and its uses.

Tacoma’s new regulations regarding labeling of marijuana brands as well as its potency restrictions make it easier to consume a dose of 10mg per edible serving. Cannabis has different health benefits, and people must be aware of it. The growing popularity of it can be directly connected with the laws and regulations being imposed by the state.

It will not have its chance to be a legal business in the first place if the law-makers have a negative impression of the marijuana industry. Of course, the people will patronize it if they enjoy it and they are aware of it. The increasing recognition of cannabis dispensaries can also be related to the effective marketing strategies that the businesses used nowadays. Marketing is very important in making your brand known.

Marijuana industry will continue to grow popular if the businesses can maintain the quality of products and services. This can be connected in the planting process of cannabis which will determine the final product. As a customer, you only want the best. Marijuana business will no longer be popular if it cannot meet the legal needs of the consumer, which is why quality must always be the main priority. Cannabis dispensaries in Tacoma will be famous with the help of proper promotional tools like the use of internet in reaching out to the target clients.

Different programs regarding marijuana also contribute to its popularity. The negative impression about it will slowly fade away if you focus on its benefits. Despite the recognition of marijuana dispensaries in Tacoma, one must not forget to be a responsible user of it. You must not abuse it, or else you will encounter different problems along the way. That is why self-discipline is very important. If it is for relaxation purposes, then do it the right way. Just be sure that it will not bring negative effects on you or the status of your life. Enjoy and make the most out of it the legal way.

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Cannabis: The New Beauty Product Ingredient

Beauty Products - Clinton Fox - July 14, 2017

People have been finding uses for cannabis for decades (and that doesn’t include simply smoking it); from hemp products like clothing and accessories to cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis sativa oils used in various holistic treatments, cannabis sativa is proving to be quite the versatile plant. Now it’s moving into cosmetics and beauty products territory.

Research has shown the benefits and restorative and protective properties of cannabis sativa for a long time now, and Arabic and Chinese cultures have used it in homeopathy for centuries; more dedicated research in nutrition studies have shown it as a good source of fatty acids (Leizer et al, 2015) and antioxidants, and it has been shown to be an effective all-natural alternative to prescription drugs in treating childhood anxiety and PTSD (Shannon & Opila-Lehman, 2016). But research is only telling us how it works; businesses have known that it does work for some time now without the research.

In fact, companies such as The Body Shop have been pushing beauty products made from cannabis sativa and CBD oil long before it became popular, mainstream, or arguably chic. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps have also included it, and both BS and DB have been expanding product lines in the face of increasing legalization of cannabis products. So have many others as well.

So why the big interest in CBD all of a sudden? Well, it starts with the benefits.

Anti-Inflammatory properties

CBD is known for being an anti-inflammatory, which means that it can decrease or control swelling, which includes reactions and even puffiness around eyes.  Here is a closer look at the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis.

Controlling Sebaceous Glands

There are many products offering to help people dealing with acne, but the best all contain CBD oil, which inhibits your skins production of oil; less oil, less clogged pores and therefore less acne. The great thing is, CBD can be applied to the affected area or taken internally, which makes it a great addition to skin cremes and masks.

Limits Signs of Aging

As noted above, researchers have discovered the presence of linoleic acid, also known as omega-6 fatty acid, a known anti-oxidant that can help offset the signs of aging by targeting free radicals that can cause signs of aging like wrinkles.

Helps Treat Psoriasis, Eczema, and Other Skin Conditions

Psoriasis results when dead skin piles up but doesn’t fall away, and this condition can cause itching, inflammation, and embarrassment. CBD oil have been shown to positive to have a positive impact on psoriasis, possibly because of its anti-inflammatory properties; similar benefits have been found in eczema patients as well. Preliminary research suggests that the use of CBD oils may even help prevent melanomas, which makes them perfect to add to topical agents such as skin creams and suntan lotions.

These are only some of the properties we know of for CBD and cannabis sativa oils that make them valuable for beauty products, and as more research comes in, more uses are sure to be discovered.

And no, you won’t get high from using them either.

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Medical Cannabis and the Conditions it Treats

Medical Marijuana - Clinton Fox - July 6, 2017

Medical Cannabis and the Conditions it Treats

Traditional medicine continues to advance as the years go on. This constant advancement results in new technology and medicine that we take advantage of to better our health. It seems like there’s multiple pills for every condition now, but each pill seems to come with a bevy of negative side effects. These side effects range from minor annoyances to life threatening conditions, but they’re all tradeoffs we accept in exchange for the benefits of modern medicine.

There are viable, research-backed alternatives to pills and procedures, however. Medical cannabis provides an alternative treatment that can help with a wide variety of illnesses and ailments.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what exactly medical cannabis has to offer, and how you can apply it to your life for a happier and healthier mind and body.

What Exactly is Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis, as the name suggests, is the application of either the whole marijuana plant or its extracts for health benefits. But how exactly is medical cannabis useful, and how does it work?

There’s a stigma around marijuana due to the government lumping it in with much harder drugs, but there’s next nothing harmful about the plant and it’s undeserving of a negative reputation.

There are two main components to medical cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids. The THC is an ingredient that makes people “high” from its psychotropic effects. Depending on the person, being high in itself can be therapeutic, but the main benefits to medical cannabis lie in the cannabinoids.

The cannabinoids are extra natural substances found in marijuana that have a host of beneficial effects on the body. There are even some types of cannabis products that almost completely remove the THC from the substance, leaving just the beneficial effects.

In the section below, we’ll talk more about the conditions that medical cannabis can treat.

How Can Medical Cannabis Help?

There’s a number of research studies that show positive effects from medical cannabis in a wide variety of applications. These include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Seizure Control
  • Treatment of Glaucoma
  • Slowing or stopping the spread of Cancer
  • Anxiety Control
  • Muscle Spasm Control
  • Reduction of Inflammation

It’s plain to see that there are real and quantifiable effects behind medical cannabis, and the only drawback is the social stigma that the drug still suffers from today.

Apply the Healing Benefits of Medical Cannabis to Your Life

If traditional medicine has failed you, or you’re wary of the side effects from prescribed pills and procedures, consider looking into the benefits that medical cannabis has to offer. With an open mind and the willingness to open yourself up to new experiences, you may find that cannabis offers an effective solution to your ailments. Talk to your doctor about medical cannabis, today!

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